Types Of Conditions Treated

Acupuncture is appropriate for people of all ages and can help address many issues. People who may benefit from Acupuncture are people who suffer from but not limited to:

Pain Syndromes including low back pain, mid or upper back pain, stiff shoulders, knee pain, neck pain and headaches.

Sleep Issues including insomnia, waking often, poor sleep quality

Gynecological irregularities including painful menses, absent or delayed menses, fibroids, infertility (including males), menopausal symptoms

Digestive Discomfort including acid reflux, bloating, bowel movement irregularities, excessive hunger, lack of hunger

Over weight, bloating, feelings of heaviness

Lack of Energy including mental fatigue, physical fatigue, heavy limbs, tired in morning or afternoon, sexual fatigue (low libido).

Dizziness including Meneire’s disease, vertigo, or upon standing

Urination Irregularity including painful urination, urgency, frequent night urination, bed wetting.

Depression/ nervous disorders

Irregular feelings or hot or cold: Hot flashes, Hot hands or feet, chills, cold hands or feet.

Allergies and sinus congestion

And much more¦

Acupuncture is appropriate for all ages. Even when one is feeling great, everyday we deal with the effects of aging and changes of environmental factors, treatments can keep us headed in a healthy direction. By treating a person’s “constitution” future disease can be avoided. Traditional Oriental Medicine offers a valuable understanding upon health and life.  If you are suffering or even if you feel good and want to maintain, call today to schedule an appointment:

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